Daisy C6 Polarized Ballstic Army Sunglasses Military Goggles Rx Insert 4 Lens Kit Men Combat War Game Tactical Glasses

Lenses Color: C5 (PC)


Features and specifications:

Frame Attributes: Rx Insert, Detachable Sponge Cushion & Inner Temple;
Lens Colors: Grey, Yellow, Transparent, Copper;
Package: Fabric Bag, Strap, Original Case

Size chart

Note: The size chart shows the outside parameters of these goggles.


Detachable inner frame leg and sponge cushion



Polarized package



Non-polarized package



Colourful Lens (Anti-Glare)

Yellow Lens(Night Vision )

Transparent Lens

Polarized Grey Lens(optional)

No-Polarized Grey Lens(optional)

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